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Cardio Pop Dance and sculpt
Step and Sculpt

Private clases at: ULTRABODYGYM CALL (323)821-6413.
My classes are driven by my passion for music and the powerful emotions that touched my soul through these 25 years of teaching.

These include happiness, sadness and the joy of being alive. It's a way to express myself as a special human being and a way to motivate my students with the energy of the music and its lyrics and rhythms. My specialties are cardio dance, cardio sculpting, step, stretching, pilates and yoga.

You'll never forget taking one of my classes!

Each class is designed for all skill and fitness levels. My teaching style allows for routines to start simple and become more challenging as the class progresses. I promise that each class will be full of energy, proper technique and love.

Please tell the front desk that you are coming to take my class You will have to pay in the retail store $20 USD and bring me the receipt after the class. Please let me know you are there. If you want a master class at your gym email me for more details.

The cost is $200 USD per 1 hour master class. Cash only.