Testimonials of my Clients - Aleeza Salomon

Octavio.... I have such admiration and respect for Octavio. He makes every work out fun. He's energetic, he has the most respect for his clients. He's playful and he pushes you to your limit but without pain. He's up to date in every aspect of fitness and the body. He stretches you before and after making sure not to over work your muscles.


You will see change and progress after each session with him! I'm excited to come and train with him!!....I live in New York but I trained with Octavio before I got married 6 years ago and moved from L.A...I only come with him to train(can't find anyone like him in NY.)...... every workout is new and fun and interesting.


He is innovative!! When I leave a workout session with Octavio I am rejuvenated person. Octavio is......respectful, Energetic, fun, patient, every single training session is different and interesting. He is so motivating!! He is awesome!!!!. I wish him only good things and tons of Success!!!!.Sep 2th 2016. Aleeza Salomon.









Aleeza Salomon

Traci and Jaime Gerth

We have worked with Octavio since 2011 as our Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. During all this time, we have both see positive results by improving our flexibility and increasing our core strength. Octavio pays attention to the details of body and joint position during our workouts to prevent injuries. He pushes us hard, yet makes our workout fun!.

Octavio is a joy to work with! He gets results of our fitness goals and we highly recommend him if you are looking help in reaching your fitness goals.
Traci and Jaime Gerth

Martin Berush

Octavio Master Trainer and me. The most awesome human being around...and an exceptional fitness trainer. Relieved a bad sciatica that tormented me for 15 years!! If you're in LA, you def have to check him out.

Martin Berush

Louise Capone's Success Story

OCTAVIO brought me back from a "total knee replacement surgery"

The best part of my work out with Octavio is when he says "how do you feel today?" because he means it. He brought me back from a total knee replacement surgery. I just finished my first 24 mile bike ride. I also lost a clothing size which is a nice bonus. He's a fantastic trainer and knows more about exercise than almost anyone else in the world. ... OK LA!!

Louise Capone

Linda Demmers's Success Story

He is a great motivator; he is a ray ofsunshine. Can you imagine laughing while you do crunches? You will!.

Last year I gave my husband a series of training sessions for Christmas. The health club manager suggested I might want to work with a trainer myself. I wasn't really out of shape, but I wasn't really in very good shape.

My activity consisted of walking on the treadmill at the gym or in the Hollywood Hills, but I spent most of my day in my chair at my desk.

I didn't stretch, my upper body was soft, and my knees complained in the morning. The manager suggested a trial session with Octavio, who is expert in custom training, certified in Pilates and other specialties, and a great motivator.

One year and well over one hundred sessions later, I can't remember what I used to feel like. I have flexibility and strength in my upper body that I never thought I'd have again.

My balance is better, I stand up straighter and taller and my stomach is flat (!) (My shoulders look pretty good too!) More than that, I look forward to getting up early and working out with Octavio before I start my work day. And he is not just a great motivator; he is a ray of sunshine. Can you imagine laughing while you do crunches? You will!. Librarian and Consultant.

Linda Demmers
Linda Demmers

Mike Ruiz

OMG! Octavio is the best trainer I have EVER had! I notice changes in just 1 week. If you are in LA and need a kick ass trainer who REALLY knows about physiology and core strength , check him OUT!.

Mike Ruiz

Dr. Veta Patrick

Octavio has been my one and only personal trainer for over 4 years now. The moment I met him, I knew that we would be a perfect match; it felt as if I had known him for years!

Not only does he have an amazing personality, he is so professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of physical fitness, especially for clients who have severe joint pain. Octavio is so in tune with my personal wellness, and all the while, he is able to push me to become stronger and more flexible, which is exactly what my body needs. Every workout with him is unique and client-focused. He knows instantly which techniques are necessary, including specialized stretching, various forms of yoga, and comprehensive methods of Pilates.

I am truly blessed to have him in my life. He is a wonderful friend, a dedicated instructor, and a caring, passionate individual, whose trainings have helped to keep me mentally focused, as well relaxed and renewed.

Sincerely, Dr. Veta Patrick
Dr. Veta Patrick

Lupita Jones

Had the chance to meet Miss jones at Corpore 2000 GYM in Mexico City and had the wonderful comment about my Aerobics Classes.

Thanks to make our days happy!!!
Lupita Jones

LISSA NEGRIN(www.cherandcheralike.com)

Lissa Negrin's Success Story
I had the opportunity to train with Octavio during 2010. I originally began my training with Pilates because I felt that what I was lacking was flexibility and that was that. However over the course of time, and with A LOT of feet dragging, kicking and screaming by me - Octavio introduced me to so many more aspects of training and working the body.

He was very patient with me and would always seem to have the right motivation to keep or get me going. When I would complain, he would say to me, " Hey look around (the gym). This is not a spa honey. That's not what you are paying me to do!" And he was right. You have to work hard to look good and Octavio made me work hard. He really helped me last October when I was prepping for a show up in Canada at Casino Rama (Divas! Las Vegas! produced by Premeditated Productions). He began a program of cross-training that incorporated the Pilates and it really helped shrink my waist and butt. He also provided great diet counsel ling without the bull - just straightforward common sense. And we all need to be reminded of that.

I will always return to Octavio for training and tune-ups. He really is wonderful!

323.251.6811 (cell)
323.462.2583 (office)

Rinaldo Villani's success story

My client rinaldo came to me 4/9/11 to asked me to train him,he mentioned that he wanted to change his appearance and had the will to work out hard to get his goal.

He had in mind a role model that wanted to look a like, so he mentioned "rob lowe" from "brothers and sisters" and his cover in vanity fair. "he said i want to look like him".

Something that for me as a trainer is fantastic because "the client has a perfect vision of his goal" no more , no less.

That day we took his body fat measurements .

Rinaldo Villani
Body fat = 18.5 %

So i design his "own " personal training program according at his needs and physical shape at the moment. we start and progress to a higher and smart exercise routne including interval training with resistance,pilates with multifunctional exercises, trx training, flexi bility and yoga techniques.

After almost six months of great enthusiasms from rinaldo and my knowledge in combining his "personal routines" we measure 9/29/11 his body fat and this was the results:

body fat = 10.3 %

lowering down 8 points and loosing 20 lbs.

I have to say that the will power of rinaldo was determine and never ever said "no" to my workouts or just quit like many other clients i had in the past.

Of course i had to conditioned him body first and teach him core and breathing techniques to control of the body and mind and show him that doing this first the body will function better and batter every day.then the work out load was more advance and mentally demanding in the following months." he never quit".

I am very proud of you man to have the conviction to achive your goal. bravo rinaldo.!!!!!!

Sincerely your friend and trainer..


From 220 lbs to 185 Lbs in 5 months of Training with Octavio. Submitted by: Octavio Pozos Perez Karin jordan's Success Story My dear friend Karin work out with me 5 days a week doing my aerobic and personal training sessions for 5 months achieving The award of Bally Total fitness 'Rapid results challenge 2002". You can see the certificate and images in my web site WW.OCTAVIOSFITNESS.COM.
Karin Jordan

John Pritchett

To whom ever is in pain and out of shape:

This letter is my recommendation on the highest level for an amazing master personal trainer and physical therapist, one Octavio Perez, trainer at The Bally's Sports Center in Hollywood, CA.

I cannot say enough about the incredible skills and expertise of this man, and not in one discipline but many. He is not only a skilled personal trainer with expertise in all manner of machines and devices, but is a master Pilates and Yoga expert as well. He also has that rare quality of empathy that allows him to work with his clients at their level, guiding them to progress at a pace that encourages them to want to continue and not become discouraged when they "have a bad day" or can't quite do as many reps as they did last time, feeling sure, with Octavio's help, that they will be able to next time. Many trainers I have known in the past often made me feel that I had "let them down". Octavio only built me up. And with this empathy, I feel like he essentially saved my life. Being older and with bad knees, I had mostly given up on physical exercise thinking I simply would never again have any core strength or flexibility. He proved me wrong and for that I am truly grateful.

For anyone needing a new "lease on your physical life", I highly endorse Octavio Perez and cannot wait for my return to Los Angeles to continue his phenomenal training.
Very Sincerely,
John Pritchett C.A.S.
motion picture sound mixer and pres. of Indep. Media Svcs., Inc.
Independent Media Services, Inc.
5114 Balcones Woods #307-157
Austin, TX 78759

Michael Lyons

"Writer and Producer" Paramount pictures. 's Success Story Testimonial

When I was initially looking for a trainer, I was looking for someone who was:

- Informative and encouraging (the drill sergeant style doesn't work for me), and

- Worked with mature men and understood how to work with mature bodies.

Octavio is excellent in both these areas and several more. If I tell him that I can't do a certain exercise because I've pulled a shoulder muscle, he'll suggest other ways to work the muscle group that avoid injury. He has a serious depth of knowledge about physical training and is always taking classes in new workout techniques. Octavio constantly revises my workouts.

He's never boring. I really need to emphasis the last point. Octavio is so much fun personally that I often find that I worked out harder than I intended because he made the training session so much fun. Only a very gifted trainer knows how to do that. Octavio is terrific and I recommend him.
Mike Lyons